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The Alchemi Mission

Financial innovation in service to all

Alchemi Capital is a hybrid financial services firm based in Boston, MA. For nearly a decade Alchemi has been developing a better way to do finance. Entering 2021, we are working with world-class team members, partners and clients to do just that. Our integrated structure allows investors and entrepreneurs alike to operate more efficiently and successfully, spanning our four lines of business: Alchemi Wealth, a boutique RIA; Changebridge Capital, a domestic long/short hedge fund; Alchemi Opportunity Fund, an early-to-mid stage private equity fund; and Alchemi Ecosystem, a holistic network of business services and investment partners.

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Legacy Club

Alchemi Capital has formed a close partnership with the Legacy Club of Boston and its founder Cleon Daskalakis, investor and former Bruins goalie.

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Private Equity

Cutting-Edge Alternative Investment Strategies

Alchemi’s private equity business operates through our in-house fund, the Alchemi Opportunity Fund (AOF), alongside key partnerships with highly specialized funds. The AOF encompasses several targeted strategies ranging from early-stage technology ventures to middle-market PE. The unique structure of Alchemi allows the AOF to operate more efficiently, conferring additional value to all stakeholders.

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Our Ecosystem

A proprietary system that works

The Alchemi Ecosystem comprises the core value-add abilities of Alchemi Capital. The Ecosystem offers businesses a more streamlined way to grow, while greatly bolstering Alchemi’s investment strategies. The Ecosystem’s activities range from the sourcing & vetting of private equity deals, to startup consulting services, to a comprehensive, in-house suite of business development resources.

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Public Equities

Wealth management at alchemi

Alchemi’s public equities activities center around Alchemi Wealth, a boutique Registered Investment Advisory with offices in Boston, MA and Essex, CT. Alchemi Wealth delivers comprehensive investment advice, objective solutions and a wealth management approach tailored to each client’s financial needs and goals. Changebridge Capital is a domestic hedge fund with two ETFs listed on the NYSE, and serves as the CIO for Alchemi Wealth. The unique relationship between Alchemi Capital, Alchemi Wealth and Changebridge offers novel solutions for our clients across the board.

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