Alchemi Opportunity Fund

One Intelligent Fund. Specialized Sleeves.

The Alchemi Opportunity Fund is a transformational investment vehicle that yields unprecedentedly accelerated returns. Through a combination of proprietary algorithms, human judgment, and synergistic ecosystem activity, it selects the best opportunities across markets worldwide by allocating $500 million of capital between specialized sleeves of our Private Equity Umbrella Fund. Due to its hybrid structure, the Alchemi Opportunity Fund delivers high-quality, systematically-generated deal flow, and above-market returns at reduced risk.
Each of the AOF’s Sleeves is led by its own dedicated team of Managing Directors with extensive domain expertise in their vertical. This not only allows us to consistently pick winners, but also allows us to provide industry-specific leadership on ground-level operations. With the support of the broader Alchemi Ecosystem, our Fund Sleeves are better able to source promising opportunities, conduct superior due diligence on prospective investments, and build tangible value in our portfolio holdings than the competition.

Emerging Franchisors

Alchemi is building a carefully-curated portfolio of US-based, high-growth, emerging franchisors and franchise suppliers to unlock the value of pairing a scalable business model with our business development ecosystem. Franchisors represent an integral part of the modern American Economy. Research shows that the franchising model both drives job growth for host communities and scalable returns for franchisor investors. The Alchemi Opportunity Fund, Emerging Franchisors I, utilizes the expertise of our Managing Directors from FranLaunch USA in conjunction with the Ecosystem’s resources to pioneer a strategy tailored at investing in Franchisors earlier than traditional PE Funds; in other words, we are uniquely positioned to provide better value to both franchisors and shareholders than the competition.


Alchemi invests in transformative, dual-use technology companies built from, or with application to, the U.S. government with an emphasis on cyber security and deep tech. For an opportunity to qualify for Alchemi Opportunity Fund, Defense Fund I, their dual-use technologies must have a significant government application (with a preference for national security technology) and private sector application. We specifically target investments in technologies that solve important problems and create a force multiplier effect for those who use them. We make Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A investments into enterprise technologies, data analytics, security technologies, and deep technologies across the entire technology stack with a bias for application layer.

Front Line Leadership

The managing team of the AOF-Defense Fund has over 47 years of combined experience in the nexus between the public and private sectors, including satellite communications, public oil & gas projects, and a multitude of United States military agencies.

Real Estate

Alchemi is focused on aggregating, repositioning, and stabilizing (lease-up) a diversified portfolio of walk-up and elevator multi-family assets to achieve superior risk adjusted returns. Alchemi Opportunity Fund, Real Estate Fund I, is a closed-end investment vehicle to pursue the acquisition, stabilization, and sale of select multi-family assets throughout the United States, in order to achieve attractive long-term cash flow and superior absolute risk adjusted returns.