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The alchemi opportunity fund (AOF)

Our Approach to Private Equity

One intelligent fund. specialized sleeves.

The AOF is a private equity fund designed to leverage its unique relationship with Alchemi’s business units to achieve maximum risk adjusted returns for investors while sustainably creating value within portfolio holdings.

Areas of Expertise

private equity with alchemi capital

The Alchemi Opportunity Fund, AOF, is a private equity fund targeted at $500M and set to begin actively investing in Q2 2021. The AOF is overseen by a highly experienced management team, plus industry experts for each strategy who bring specialized expertise to inform our investment decisions. The AOF has the added benefit of receiving pre-vetted deal flow through the Ecosystem, plus optimized in-house resources with which to develop portfolio companies. The AOF’s deployments will be spread across uncorrelated asset classes that, in aggregate, create a highly attractive risk-return profile for investors.

Emerging Franchisors

Alchemi is building a carefully-curated portfolio of US-based, high-growth, emerging franchisors and franchise suppliers to unlock the value generated by pairing a scalable business model with our business development ecosystem. Franchisors represent an integral part of the modern American Economy. The Alchemi Opportunity Fund, Emerging Franchisors I, utilizes the expertise of our Partners at FranLaunch USA in conjunction with the Ecosystem’s resources to pioneer a strategy tailored to investing in Franchisors earlier than traditional PE Funds. The culmination of these unique forces has positioned us to provide superior value to both our portfolio franchisors and fund investors.


Alchemi’s Defense and Cybersecurity strategies target early and growth stage technology companies, seeking to capitalize on the immense acceleration of cybersecurity and its relevance to other target industries. Alchemi will be both directly investing in such assets and working closely with Option3Ventures, a cybersecurity investment firm based in Washington, DC.

Real Estate

Coming out of the pandemic in 2021 the real estate markets are under a swath of influences, both beneficial and problematic. Managed under the AOF by industry experts, our real estate strategy is poised to navigate these challenges and capitalize on the opportunities. Multifamily residential units, storage centers and distribution facilities along the East Coast are some key areas of focus. The comparative stability and predictability of these assets confers an attractive risk-return profile for the AOF and its stakeholders.

Early Stage VC

When Alchemi was in its infancy, the team’s main objective was to find a better way to grow small businesses. Now, we’re realizing that strategy through a joint effort between the AOF and Alchemi Ecosystem. The early stage development capabilities of the Ecosystem paired with the resources of the AOF allows us to achieve a better risk-reward scenario in an asset class historically fraught with uncertainty. Alchemi will also be working in tandem with Cava Capital, a Studio Model fund based in Boston.

Agriculture & Sustainability

Alchemi’s Sustainability & Agriculture strategy revolves around a dual approach, designed to create value through investing in initiatives that make a positive impact on sustainability and environmental efforts. The first element is investing into seed and growth stage companies innovating in the agriculture industry, primarily infrastructural projects that have broad applications within the United States. The second element is not investing into early stage companies, but rather identifying and capitalizing on unrecognized or undervalued waste streams of biomass.

Portfolio Companies

private equity with alchemi capital

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