The Alchemi Ecosystem

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A Proprietary Ecosystem That Works

The Alchemi Ecosystem is an independent business pillar of Alchemi Capital and the platform that supports our other three business lines. Through the Ecosystem’s strategic partners, service provider network, and co-investor network, Alchemi is able to optimize business expenses for clients, provide private placement opportunities of our FAs, and organize strategic investors for various fundraising rounds.

Strategic partners

co-investor network

service provider network

Startup Consulting

The Ecosystem team is excited to welcome our first class of Startup Consulting Clients! For those interested in joining the Beta or simply wanting to learn more, please email the team at Please include a bit of information about yourself and your business, and we will send overview materials and a time for us to connect on a call.

Startup Consulting is built by founders, for founders. Our team has spent years cultivating deep and diverse industry knowledge of what it means to bring an idea to fruition. Every part of our design is built to accomplish one thing: give entrepreneurs a true one-stop-shop for all business development resources, day-to-day advice, and funding. Our in-house and partnered vendors provide high-quality, discounted services for everything a growing business could possibly need. Our dedicated 24/7 text channel gives our clients unlimited, direct access to our team. Whether you need some input on a product rollout strategy, want to know whether a vendor contract should be reviewed by a lawyer before signing, or simply need some tips before going into a pitch meeting, we are here for you and we’re only a text away. With everything organized in an easy-to-use digital platform, you gain access to a wealth of resources through a streamlined interface.

Running a business is hard, and starting a business is even harder. Let us make your life easier so you can focus on what really matters.


We assess your business and its brand's position in the market at the current moment.


We examine and understand your business' goals for the short-term and big picture.


We identify day-to-day inefficiencies in your operations and help you remedy them with a hands-on approach.


We execute on the identified optimizations and monitor their value add.

Strategic Partners

The Ecosystem’s strategic partner network consists of investor syndicates organized by region and industry that allow us early access to innovative investment opportunities across the U.S. This nationally organized investor syndicate network not only allow us to source superior opportunities than other PE firms, but also gives us up-to-date market insight into specific industries in all regions of the United States.

Co-Investor Network

The Ecosystem’s co-investor network supplements the deployments of the Opportunity Fund by providing a large pool of potential investment partners.

Service Provider Network

The Ecosystem’s service provider network is comprised of in-house management companies and third-party channel partners that provide essential business services at discounted rates. Through our partnerships with these vetted vendors, we are able to implement value add services into Alchemi’s portfolio companies and unlock further growth potential.

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